Welcome to Romanticism

Life is so much pleasanter for the idealists among us who see everything in a rosy hue. They would wax lyrical over cottages with cosy snugs and exposed beams and see nothing but charm whereas realists would instantly condemn the poky rooms with hazards. ‘Beauty’ it is said is ‘in the eye of the beholder ‘.

The following pages of romantic cottages for holidays could be a test of your romantic ideals and sentimentality. Let’s find out. It is difficult to imagine anyone who would not find the following thatched seaside cottages with gardens overspilling with colour incredibly beautiful:

romantic cottages

Romantic cottages where?

The phrase 'romantic cottages' means different things to different people. Some think of times gone by, other of cottages where their romantic inclinations may come to fruition.

Whatever your dream, perhaps the following clues may lead you to it.

Modern romantic cottages

There is another school of thought that finds romance in a little luxury and pampering, fine dining. Every man and woman have their own dreams to follow and enact.

Leisure and pleasure


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