Booking cottages for romantic breaks

Each different cottage company or independent cottage owner has their own set of terms and conditions. Avoid taking the shine off of your romantic break by not understanding how booking a cottage works.

The process of booking a romantic cottage

Step 1 - Find a cottage for 2 in a location of your choice

Step 2 - Check the details with the cottage owner

Step 3 - Pay a deposit to book in advance. Sometimes a deposit is not refundable. This will vary immensely. If you fall in love with a cottage where the deposit is not refundable you may wish to take out insurance just in case your romantic break cannot go ahead and you have to cancel.

Step 4 - The balance for the holiday and a potentially refundable damage deposit is paid about 6-8 weeks in advance of the holiday. Again check terms in case of cancellation. Make sure that you receive receipts of any payments and details of the location and entry time.

Step 5 - After your holiday, email the cottage owner, let them have some feedback about the accommodation and request a refund of your damage deposit.

Getting things in writing

Cottage companies and agencies that deal with large numbers of cottages have systems in place to provide renters with information about the cottage holidays, receipts and contracts.

Some independent cottage owners who may have just one cottage to rent should be equally organised but occasionally deal with business in a much more relaxed fashion. Insist on a contract, the terms and conditions and all receipts for your own peace of mind.


Determining the quality

Tourist Board rating help in letting the general public know what level of quality they can expect from a holiday cottage. When booking a romantic break you would naturally like everything to be as attractive as possible. Five stars is the highest rating and classified as luxurious.

It is equally possible to obtain an unrated high quality cottage. Read the details, scrutinise the photographs and make your decisions. Price is not always the best indicator. Feedback from previous guests can be most enlightening.