Valentine's Breaks

There is a lover's bridge in Wroclaw, Poland where lovers attach padlocks engraved with the initials to the framework of the bridge then throw the key away. Wroclaw is a lovely city to visit for a romantic break but not all romantic gestures need to be expensive.

From time immemorial lovers have carved their initials into tree trunks. Other ways of marking your love:

  • Write your initials in sand on a beach or snow
  • Write your initials inside a heart on paper and put it in a sealed bottle and drop in the sea. See how long it takes to return to you.
  • Chalk your initials in the centre of a road after midnight for all to see.

Romantic cottage breaks

February the 14th is early on in the year for a romantic break. The weather in Britain and northern Europe will be decidedly chilly.

A romantic cottage break is still possible and enjoyable if you choose a cottage with use of an indoor swimming pool or spa.

Or, perhaps escape to the island of Madeira off the coast of Africa for spring flowers in February. Stay in a self catering apartment in Madeira, one of the most romantic islands around. See bird of paradise flowers growing wild by the road and experience the underground tunnels that criss-cross the island.

Ski holidays

Another romantic option is to go on a skiing holiday. Some people go expecting to find romance, perhaps with a handsome ski instructor. One thing is for certain, there will be plenty of young fit people about and you may just meet that perfect match on the ski slopes.

Whale watching

Whale and dolphin watching is a memorable experience, combine it with a romantic break and the 'love of your life' for amazing memories. A colony of whales lives in the waters surrounding Tenerife in the Canary islands. Rent an apartment for 2 people in the Canary Islands for some love on the waves.