Cottages for Christmas

The first Christmas together is special. Sharing presents and aspirations, time together.

Families sometimes make Christmas complicated and when you are in love, the last thing your heart desires is playing games and pulling crackers with elderly relatives.

holiday cottages to rent for christmas self catering

However, if the pull of family is too strong, why not suggest Christmas away in a large fully decorated cottage with plenty of room for everyone, a glowing fire in the hearth, a tree with fairy lights and a kettle whistling on the Aga. This might be a good time to get both sets of families together, to get to know each other whilst goodwill is flowing.

Christmas cottages

A piano in a holiday cottage at Christmas is superb for carol singing and general singalongs if someone can play. Alternatively make sure that there is a hifi or means of playing music.

Take a look at Christmas Cottage breaks in England and get in that festive mood.

Perhaps book a cottage near a Christmas Market?

There is an annual Christmas market in Cracow each year, money still goes a long way in Poland and you're likely to have a white Christmas. What could be better or more romantic?


Items to bring

Your own music CDs and DVDs of films to watch

Crackers, especially if you go abroad where people do not have them

Christmas pudding and cake

Agree to keep presents small to avoid having too much luggage and cost!