Cottages for New Year

People like to getaway for New Year for a multitude of reasons. Some romantic folk want to see the New Year in from a mountain top or high hill (go to Zakopane in Poland where people do just that in the Tatra mountains), others want to spend it quietly not getting involved at all.

One of the busiest times for cottage booking is New Year. There are the usual parties and large cottages are in high demands. There should be no trouble in booking a small New Year cottage; New Year, new hopes - see them in somewhere new and different. There is a large number of New Years Eve Cottages to choose from but do book head for the best choice.

Romantic New Year cottages

Expectations can sometimes be a problem; doing what people expect us to do, behaving in a certain way. If this does not make you happy then just don't go along with things for the sake of it.

Consider what makes you happy and try to do more of that in the New Year. We hope it involves romantic cottage breaks.... but remember that you are master of your own happiness.


New Year Resolutions

One of the downsides of going away at New Year is that prices are at a premium. Rates are often twice as high as outside school holidays. If your New Year resolutions include reducing or staying within your budget then postpone that cottage holiday until the week after New year when prices are at their lowest.