Cottages that sleep 2

There are times in life when couples are unfettered by children, usually either before having a family or when the children have grown up and left home. That is when a cottage that sleeps just 2 is perfect for a relaxing break in a holiday home that has plenty of room to 'swing a cat' as the saying goes.

There are some fortunate couples who can leave their children in the good care of their grandparents and enjoy a romantic break occasionally. Follow your heart and choose that special place for a holiday as a couple. Chase the romance.

cottages for a romantic break

Build romance

It is easy to be romantic and feel romantic in the first flush of love when hearts are eager to please, to give generously.

Time, stresses and demands of life exact their toll on relationships.

Sometimes it is good to devote a little time to each other and rediscover that mutual attraction.


and let it grow

Some people work hard at keeping romance alive. they take pleasure in leaving little love notes, promises of what is to come, in lunch boxes, under pillows, or they send loving text messages that make their partner feel desirable.

We all like to feel special once in a while.