Romantic cottages with a four poster bed

There is no bed more romantic than the elegance and grandeur of four poster beds. These majestic and luxurious pieces of furniture date back to 16th century Britain and would only be found in the most magnificent and stately of dwellings such as historic castles. Now you can get to try one for yourself while on a break to a luxury romantic cottage.

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romantic cottages with 4 poster beds

Be a princess

Sinking into one of these ornate beds made from oak or iron with Gothic arches or hand engraved craftsmanship after a day spent either relaxing in your self-catering cottage or spent out exploring your surroundings, is a great way to end each day in style. The regal feel of these beds will send you off into a deep and comfortable slumber and it may be hard to return back to a regular bed after a while!

The most romantic of cottages are decked out in beautiful and unique furnishings, from large open log fires to bubbling hot tubs with power air jets. The epitome of romantic embellishment is, however, four poster beds. With their four vertical bed posts that support a roofed panel overheard, they are extremely romantic.

Curtains are often attached to the posts which can be wrapped around, shutting off everything from sight, making them all the more amorous. These beds are also reminiscent of a fairytale princess’ sleeping quarters and you will surely feel like a princess (or a prince!) when you sink into the soft mattress of a four poster.


Ideas for your prince

On your romantic cottage holiday you may be planning on relaxing on a beach in Cornwall or Bournemouth, or maybe you are looking to embrace all things nature on a visit to the magnificent Lake District.

Whether you are an adventure seeker wanting to embrace the great outdoors by going hiking or cycling, or whether you are looking for peace and tranquility on your cottage holiday by taking sleepy rambles through the countryside, you will certainly appreciate a cosy and luxurious cottage to return to each day. What could be better than falling back into a grand four poster bed with its fluffy pillows, soft sheets and snug quilts after a day of doing exactly as you please on your romantic cottage break?!