Last Minute Romantic Cottages

Sometimes you have to arrange a romantic break when the urge takes you. When in love, couples can't wait to be alone together and hotels are so impersonal. How much nicer to rent a secluded holiday cottage for two, preferably in a beautiful rural area or surrounded by gardens?

Book that last minute romantic cottage and go with the passion. Click to select a wonderful cottage for 2 now:

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A few suggested cottages

romantic cottage for 2 with open fire in suffolk

A cottage with an open fire creates a cosy ambience for a weekend break in the country. This one is in Suffolk, in the country and sure to please.

secluded romantic cottage for 2

Stay in this lovely secluded cottage near Colchester in Essex. Visit the castle, Roman ruins and have a fabulous time exploring the warren of tiny shopping lanes.

So many lovely holiday cottages for 2 people up and down the country from the south of England to the north of Scotland.

Each cottage is quite unique, browse to find a style and character that matches your notions of a romantic setting.

For some people, roses growing over the porch are inspirational, for others a cottage set in the Scottish hills near a dark forbidding castle with a grim history is much more in keeping.

Take your love to:

Consider your ideal surroundings. What would be the romantic weekend break of your dreams?

Can you envisage walking along a beach in moonlight, wining and dining in an expensive restaurant, sipping champagne on the patio of your cottage and watching the dun go down or relaxing in a hot tub under the stars?

All of these are distinct possibilities if you find the right last minute cottage break for two.

Good times are doing the things that you both enjoy and not going too far out of personal comfort zones. A good weekend may include new experiences but nothing too scary that deters your partner from repeating the experience.

Weekends away are when you discover the similarities and differences between you, in doing things you learn about each other. You may be a passionate golfer but your partner may hate the very idea. Is this a viable relationship?

Whatever the result, it's good to go away for last minute holidays in cottages and pine lodges. You may have lots of fun and still be more in love when the holiday ends.