Romantic cottages with swimming pools

They are as rare as hens' teeth but if you can book one, rent a romantic cottage for 2 with a swimming pool. You may have to book a two bedroom cottage to achieve this because swimming pools are generally built attached to larger properties, or when there is a pool with a small holiday cottage it is likley to be in a holiday park or group of cottages and the pool is shared. Click on the following page to explore the possibilites of a romantic break in a cottage with a swimming pool.

Romantic cottage with a swimming pool

Spa breaks Scotland

Some of the most romantic cottages for two are in the north of Scotland, in a remote location where the diveristy of nature is stupendous and view magnificent.


Adult only cottages

Children and romantic weekends do not really mix.

If you would like to getaway to a child free environment and have eyes only for each other, try adult only self catering cottages.