Romantic cottages with a pool

It has to be said that there aren't very many independent holiday cottages for 2 people with a swimming pool, mainly because the rental would be too expensive to make the investment worthwhile..

There are however, plenty of cottages for 2 in holiday cottage sites where a group of holiday cottages shares a swimming pool. It is perhaps not quite as romantic as an isolated log cabin holiday or secluded cottage in the depths of the countryside but once you shut the front door, you can be in your own world.

small cottages with a swimming pool

Swimming adds fun

Swimming adds more fun to a holiday for people who enjoy swimming and messing about in water.

Even if you just like to swim for exercise, a cottage with use of a swimming pool provides that bit of extra pleasure during your holiday.

Swimming together demands a certain amount of trust, which if reciprocated bodes well for a future. Avoid a partner who selfishly pleases themselves only and shows little interest in your fears or pleasure.

Discovering each other

Lovers discover more about each other with each new experience.

On a holiday, especially a cottage holiday, lovers are thrown together with little outside interference which will reveal each others good and bad points for better or for worse.

The first revelation will come during the cottage rental phase when lovers discover exactly how mean, generous or extravagant they really are because cottages with a swimming pool are inevitably more expensive than one without. Is he or she 'worth' the cost?