Romantic Notions

It would be a sad life if we did not experience romantic notions. Nature urges us on to procreate and romantic thoughts fill our minds. Both men and women have a need to dress up sexual union with romance and make something special and exciting.

Romance is the meeting of love with imagination. Don't we all hope for that fairy tale ending?


Imagine a great love

The daily demands of life and work can be draining. It is good to dream of getting away to see beautiful places with the love of your life.

Britain is a fabulous country with very pretty destinations. Make that effort to fit some pleasure into your life with a romantic weekend away in a holiday cottage.


Believe in love

In the beginning, lovers gaze into each other's eyes but as time goes on their gaze lingers less.

It can be difficult to find time for each other, let alone to gaze. Such are the pressures of modern life.

It is amazing how time away, good food and good views can recreate that spark. Believe in love.