Self catering romantic breaks

A self catering holiday offers certain benefits that other types of holiday do not allow.

romantic breaks for 2

A rented cottage for a romantic weekend break or even a week is a private holiday home for you and your partner. You will have a suite of rooms all to yourself which is not possible in a B&B or very expensive in a hotel.

It conveys a sense of freedom because you do not have to get up by a certain time for breakfast. Breakfast is something that you cook when you are ready and can eat it in bed if you want to. Because you are responsible for the cooking, everything can be to your own personal taste.

Romantic meals

Self catering frees you from set meal times. This does not ncessarily mean that you are obliged to cook for yourself the whole time, you can go out for lunch and dinner if you prefer.

This is often the better option, especially if you include some sightseeing during your break because you can eat wherever you visit, by the sea, at a visitor attraction.

Suggested places to visit

Perhaps take your hobbies and interests into consideration when thinking of places to visit.

There are quite a few vineyards in southern England where one can taste locally produced wines and even purchase a row of vines. England is developing a good reputation as a wine producer.

Something new is exciting and memorable. Perhaps climb a mountain in the Lake District or Wales if you haven't already done that, or hire a tandem and cycle together?